• First Time Homeowners: Fire Alarm Safety in the Home

    Fire alarms save lives, and the sooner you are alerted to a fire in your home, the better the chances are of you and your family escaping the burning house safely. The proper placement of fire alarms begins with understanding where fires normally start and the pathway the heat and smoke will travel throughout your home. Sixty percent of fire deaths were partially the result of the homes not having fire alarms. [Read More]

  • Maintenance Tips For Business Fire And Safety Systems

    A properly functioning fire alarm system isn't just a legal requirement for your business, it's a necessary component in an overall employee and customer safety plan. Proper maintenance, combined with an understanding of your system, helps ensure that everything remains in proper working order. The following tips can help you keep your system in peak condition. Tip #1: Understand What You Have The type of fire system you have depends on many factors, including local code and your business needs. [Read More]

  • Fire Safety Tips For The Elderly

    If you have an elderly relative who lives in your home, you will want to take steps in preparing should an unfortunate fire occur. There are several steps you can take to ensure your relative is able to escape the home if a fire breaks out inside. Here are some tips you can use to help your elderly relative have a better chance at survival if a fire occurs. Select A Loud Alarm [Read More]

  • Cameras That See In The Dark: Two Features You Want For Commercial Security In Low-Light Conditions

    You want to protect your business with a full digital video surveillance system that includes several security cameras. While most security cameras can get a good picture in bright lighting, you'll need special cameras designed to capture images in low-light conditions if you want to have truly comprehensive security. For a long time, analog cameras were better capable of capturing images in low light. Digital technology in the types of systems that small and medium-sized businesses might purchase wasn't quite good enough to provide clear images from darker environments. [Read More]

  • 2 Ways To Stay Safe This Christmas

    You spend a lot of time getting ready for the holidays from decorating your home to buying and wrapping presents. Fortunately, there are two things you can do to ensure you and your family, as well as the inside of your home, stay safe this year. Home Security System You have many options when it comes to home security systems, and the choices can be daunting. To make things a little easier for you, below are three different types of security systems you can choose from. [Read More]

  • Avoid These 3 Mistakes With Your Security System

    Just like many other individuals around the world today, you might depend on your security system to keep you safe and sound in your own home. It takes a decent amount of planning and time to get a system that is going to protect your family and your belongings. You have to think about things like your hallways, entryways, windows, doors and much more. To make sure you don't make a costly mistake in planning your new security system, consider the following. [Read More]

  • Additional Items You Can Use To Help Protect Your Large Business Location

    Protecting a large business location can be a challenge. However, by incorporating a few additional items into a basic security system, you can better protect your building and anyone inside of it. Movable Cameras Cameras are an important part of a security system, because it allows you to capture images of people doing improper activities. In many cases, these cameras are helpful in obtaining images that can be used to prove an insurance claim if something is stolen. [Read More]