Additional Items You Can Use To Help Protect Your Large Business Location

Posted on: 1 November 2015

Protecting a large business location can be a challenge. However, by incorporating a few additional items into a basic security system, you can better protect your building and anyone inside of it.

Movable Cameras

Cameras are an important part of a security system, because it allows you to capture images of people doing improper activities. In many cases, these cameras are helpful in obtaining images that can be used to prove an insurance claim if something is stolen. With that in mind, basic cameras generally look in one direction, which may not help if you are trying to cover a large space with limited cameras.

Instead of placing cameras all over your location, you can choose to install movable ones. These cameras rotate to the left or right, which allows them to capture more images from several locations within its line of sight. You can place these cameras on corners and program them to move to one side and then the other.

Another movable camera is a domed option that attaches to the ceiling and it usually rotates a full 360 degrees. For larger rooms such as warehouses, server rooms or showrooms where corners are an issue, this option works well. Since the cameras are on the ceiling, they look down and around to catch any would-be thieves.

Burglar Detection Devices

Unfortunately, if your business has anything worth stealing someone may try to, so you need burglar detection devices inside your building. Now, depending on the area you are trying to secure, you may need different devices to accomplish your goal.

One device is a motion sensor that you can place around both interior and exterior doors. These sensors monitor the movement around them and only trigger the alarm should something go past it. In most cases, these devices only trigger when a large object moves past them, so insects or rodents will not cause your security system to send a signal to the police.

You can also place glass sensors around large bay windows as well. These sensors react to the precise frequency or sound that breaking glass creates. This way, if the glass is broken or cut, the alarm will sound. This also means that wind or small pebbles hitting the glass will not trigger your alarm system, while someone using a glass-cutting tool will set off the alarm.

Whether you are adding a new security system or you want to update your current one, you need to consider a few additional security measures. By consulting a security installation company, you can have them customize your new security system so that it can protect your larger building a lot easier.