Business Security: Four Ways To Regulate Visitors & Prevent Unauthorized People From Accessing Your Business

Posted on: 24 October 2016

There are many aspects to protecting your business. Allowing anyone to just walk in and out of a building can increase security hazards and cause major problems for your business needs. To help prevent these issues, it's important to introduce protocols and technology that can properly manage temporary visitors to the company. Hiring the services of a commercial security company like A Tech / Easy Living Store will help ensure that your business is properly set up to handle all types of visitor situations. There are four ways to help regulate visitors to your business. Once these services are implemented, it will be a smooth process to regulate visitors and have the extra protection that is needed.

Expected Visitor Logs

Knowing which visitors are supposed to be at your business can make a big difference in security. A system-wide digital visitor log can be established by a security company. This log can automatically keep track of appointments, deliveries, or visitors coming for other things like job interviews. When possible, the logs can link to pictures of the visitors to help with identification needs. As a visitor arrives, a front desk clerk or security guard can check the person in and indicate that they have arrived to the proper parties. If there are any security issues, then these logs can easily be looked back on to confirm visitor arrival times.

Visitor Badges

Limiting access to visitors can be done through the use of visitor badges. This also helps make people aware of the person walking through the building. Without the visitor badge, it can be hard to tell who the random people are that are traveling through the building. Security companies can set up multiple features on a visitor badge. Instant cameras can place a snapshot photo of the person on the badge. The badge can also include areas that the visitor is allowed to access. For example, if the person is there for a meeting on the third floor, then the badge can indicate this directly. This type of procedure can help prevent guests from roaming around random halls or areas where they are not allowed.

Registration Kiosks

Checking in every guest to your company can take up a lot of work hours and require man power. Instead of doing all of this manually, a security company has the ability to create registration kiosks for your guests. When a guest arrives, they can approach the kiosk to check-in. This allows them to check in for a specific meeting, confirm their identity, and receive an automated visitor badge. If a guest is not on the list or doesn't have something scheduled, then they can be handled by a front desk clerk or security officer. This allows you to talk directly with the people that are not currently authorized to visit the business. It can help streamline the process and prevent any delays in meetings or important deliveries that need to be made.

Visitor Management Systems

The whole system of tracking visitors and increasing security can be managed through a visitor management system. One of the biggest highlights in these systems is the ability to view security cameras around your business. For example, after a visitor has arrived, you can track their movements and location through the use of live streaming security cameras. Front desk workers can follow multiple angles to ensure that the person is going to the location that they are supposed to. Security companies can help install these IP cameras and allow them to run wirelessly through your business. The use of the wireless cameras allows you to place them in multiple locations including elevators, stairwells, and hallways.

Contact a security company to help start the set up process and help increase the security for your company.