New Home Security System? Take These Steps To Further Boost Your Security

Posted on: 14 March 2016

When you're considering the different methods of making your home safer, statistics show that you'll benefit from getting a home alarm system installed. This addition of this preventative security device means that your home is 300 percent less likely to be successfully targeted by burglars. Beyond the addition of your home security system, it's beneficial to take other steps that can discourage people with dubious intentions from considering targeting your home. Here are three valuable ways to further boost your home's security to keep your family safe.

Install Security Lights

It's beneficial to think about installing security lights around the outside of your home to further make it undesirable to burglars. Sensible locations for these lights include the front of your garage and above your front door, but it's also smart to install lights in your side yard and at the rear of your home, especially if these areas are shadowy at night. If your front yard is large and generally dark, floodlights around gardens on trees can increase the security of your home while also adding a picturesque quality. It might seem simple, but you should make a point of periodically checking that the light bulbs are working; the lights won't help you if they're out.

Trim Plants Strategically

Vegetation such as trees, bushes and gardens can improve the look of your yard, but they can also pose a potential security threat if they have an overgrown appearance. Overgrown vegetation is an ideal hiding place for a burglar who wants to observe your home and take note of your habits, such as when you leave the home and when you go to bed. Even if you enjoy a rustic look in your yard, it's useful to trim back any overgrown vegetation to remove potential hiding spots that could be used for those with dubious intentions.

Keep Your Garage Door Closed And Locked

The average homeowner makes a point of keeping his or her front door locked, but the same can't always be said about the garage door. On the weekend, for example, you might open the door in the morning as you're performing work around the yard and leave it open for hours. While a burglar might not attempt to enter your home via the garage when you're on the premises, there's a real possibility that someone will drive past and see high-value items in your garage. This can entice the person to return at a later date and attempt to break in. Even when you're in the area, it's beneficial to keep your garage door closed and to always lock it when you're not using it.